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S.T.U.E.N.X. (Stay Tenacious Unequivocally & Enhance Kindness by X(10)) is our motto with which we live. Its meaning is to be strong and push forward through adversity, be kind to others, love yourself, and enhance your niceness tenfold if necessary. Our company's mission is to spread positivity, kindness, and love through our apparel.

Our quality products are custom-made-to-order; no item is put into production until our customer places an order. All of our products are custom with original designs, some hand-drawn. Sign up for our e-mail list to receive a discount code good for 15% off at checkout.

Do you live in Virginia? Use promo code NEIGHBOR at checkout for half-off your shipping. We value your opinion. Feel free to email us with any feedback. Buy the wave of quality, long-lasting apparel that will forever make you a part of the Stuen'X family!