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About Us

Stuen'X®: Where Positivity Meets Fashion!  

Experience the vibrant world of S.T.U.E.N.X.® (Stay Tenacious Unequivocally & Enhance Niceness by X (10)), a brand that has been igniting the fashion scene for over 15 years. Founded by Ronald Bernard Jr. in Queens, NY, Stuen'X® has assembled a dynamic team, including Vice President Janeesa Hubbard from Chester, PA, and Lead Designer Thomas Bailey from Bronx, NY. Together, they are dedicated to spreading positivity through fashion, offering an array of apparel such as t-shirts, swimwear, shorts, socks, phone cases, and more - all conveniently available online!  

From ultra-comfortable socks to stylish beanies and hip t-shirts, Stuen'X® offers premium products in sizes ranging from 2XS to 6XL, ages three months to 18 years. Our handmade shoes are available in sizes from 5-13. Embrace the opportunity to stand out with our fashionable and fiery styles that make you bold, confident, and ready to conquer life with our reputable and cost-effective fashion.  

Join us in our mission to spread positivity through fashion, one T-shirt at a time! Experience the transformative power of Stuen'X® Apparel and let your outfit reflect the vibrant energy within you!

Stuen'X® Apparel is the clothing brand that believes you feel good inside when you look good on the outside; we live to spread positivity through fashion while filling closets one shirt at a time!